Tips to train you to become a smart secondhand shopper:

With all the Super A counterfeit Gucci or Louis Vuitton bags penetrating our secondhand designer market, it is very often we fall into the scam if we aren’t cautious enough. Even when we first started trading secondhand designer items, because of the lack of experience we were cheated a few times. Because of these lessons learn, we have a couple of expert tips to guide you to be a smart secondhand shopper.

We wouldn’t be trading without the internet, but it’s also tricky because you aren’t able to hold the Louis Vuitton Speedy you found on eBay in your hands to examine the details. Use extreme caution. Ask for photos of serial number and the leather logo tag inside the bag. Also ask for a photo of the underside of the zipper, and the exterior logo. There are many expert sites these days to authenticate bags by checking items through the photos. The pricing may also reflect its authenticity. If this particular pre-owned Speedy is half the price of the average pre-owned Speedys, be very alert. Ask the seller more questions. What to look for is, if the seller seems irritated by your request for extra photos, or make excuses not to forward those photos to you, you might as well “walk out” from that listing, because good things don’t come cheap, in our case, authentic things hold a certain market value.

If you are on a tight budget but really lust for the Chanel clip on earrings, never settle just because they appear to be a great deal. Be patient. Wait for the perfect pair to appear and I guarantee you it wouldn’t take more than a couple of months. If you settle for something lesser than average condition, when it’s time you want to trade in for something else, your less than average Chanel just won’t cut it. Competition is huge, remember that!