What to watch for when buying VINTAGE designer fashion

We fashion lovers, besides rocking the hottest and latest designer brands, often to stand out from the crowd, we would dig around looking for a unique piece of vintage fashion. An item is considered vintage at 10, 20, or 25+ years, and designer provenance is important here (Hermes, Chanel, Gucci are always valuable on the vintage market). The Vintage bag you scored probably is a bag that you can't get anymore! So what are the secrets to be a savvy vintage shopper? Here are a couple of tips from Oika Secondhand.

AUTHENTICITY is the first thing you must look for. Do research on the brand’s history, and briefly read about their designs in different eras. Get familiar with one or two of your favourite brands first. Also, there are many third party companies who specialise in authenticating vintage designer fashion. You may want to take some photos of this particular Dior Miss Lady to submit for authentication. Each individual experts will often ask you to take specific photos such as the back side of the zipper, inside logo tag, serial number tag, logo on the bag, and hardware. If some items include original dust bag or authentication cards. Take photos of those too and wait for the result before you make your purchase.

CHECK the condition of the bag. Normal wear and tear on a bag would be the edges rubbed on the bottom is acceptable. What you should be watching for are unremovable and unrepairable stains, scratches, odour, or broken hardware.

If you wish to learn more shopping tips, please feel free to contact Heather at her personal email oikasecondhand@gmail.com. She will be more than happy to hear from you and answer a few questions!